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About us

We believe in the importance of creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners. 

What do we believe in?

We strive to build trust and commitment by listening carefully to your needs and offering a personal and professional service. We are dedicated to being a reliable and long-term partner to help you achieve your goals.

We understand the importance of taking responsibility for our environment and strive to offer solutions that are both economically efficient and environmentally friendly. By using modern technology and methods that promote energy efficiency and reduce waste and emissions, we want to be part of sustainable development and contribute to a better future.

We understand that every customer is unique and has their own specific needs and challenges. That's why we believe in tailor-made solutions that suit you. By combining our expertise and experience with your vision and requirements, we can create customized solutions that meet your expectations and give you a competitive advantage.

At NPSolution we believe in making a difference by creating meaningful relationships, sustainable development and innovative solutions. We are committed to delivering high quality, reliability and outstanding service to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Let's build a successful and sustainable future together.

Work with us

Do you want to work with us towards a digital and renewable future?

We are always looking for new talents who want to be involved and drive development forward. We believe in constantly developing and growing as a company, and we know that it is the commitment and competence of our employees that make this possible.

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History & Founder

About NPSolution

NPSolution was started by Calle Karlsson, Sören Pedersen and Linus Pernum in 2017. After a joint project, we realized that our individual characteristics and competencies together created a strong brand. Today, we operate all over Sweden and the Nordics, and we are proud to have provided thousands of customers with a variety of services.


We are convinced that sustainability and innovation are the key to a better future. By offering environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, we help our customers reduce their environmental impact and save costs in the long term. We are dedicated to continuing to grow and develop to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.


The vision is the same now as then - that sustainability and innovation are the key to a better future.

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